Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> All I want is that a program gets NULL from malloc if there is no memory
> available. I find that to be a very fundamental thing about malloc.
> In response, me and others are told at different times:
>         . there is no such thing as "no memory available" (!!!)
>         . you can get that behaviour by limiting the user's maximum
>           datasize
>         . this wouldn't work without dumping the overcommit strategy,
>           which would demand more memory and will slow things down
>         . be a better sysadmin
>         . get more memory and swap
>         . this discussion is annoying and fruitless (!!!)
> I find this responses unacceptable, or only partially acceptable...

There is two ways you can alloc memory: on-demand or pre-allocated.
Most Unixes out there choose on-demand because it let you do more
with less. A *lot* more. The only way to do what you want is to

Alas, suppose you set pre-allocation for your eat-all-memory
application. You application starts, eat all memory and stabilizes.
Then you move the mouse in X Free causing previously allocated
memory to be accessed. There is no memory available, so the largest
process is killed. That would be your eat-all-memory application.

What some of us have been telling you is that there is no easy way
out of this. Some have suggested "don't kill this process"
solutions. This is a poor solution, because it requires much more
sysadmin tweaking than limiting user's maximum datasize. 

If you pre-allocate all memory you'll find out you have much less
memory available for you. MUCH less.

Yeah, a pre-allocate all memory general system flag would be
interesting, but mostly because we could then say "turn this on and
see how you suddenly don't have memory to even start X Free". Or, in
other words, if you set a maximum datasize for your application, you
can allocate MUCH more memory to that application than if our
allocation strategy was pre-allocate.

Do you have a solution? We don't.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

        "nothing better than the ability to perform cunning linguistics"

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