I would like to propose to integrate clang/LLVM into FreeBSD HEAD
in the near future (days, not weeks).

clang/LLVM is a C/C++/ObjC compiler (framework) which aims to possibly
replace gcc. It is BSDL-like licensed. The sources are ~45MB (the
svn checkout is 97MB). Clang/LLVM is written in C++.

Clang can compile all of FreeBSD on i386/amd64 including world and booting
kernel. Other architectures that are close to working are MIPS, PowerPC
and ARM. We have a branch (clangbsd-import) that just includes clang/LLVM
sources and the build infrastructure and this is what we aim to integrate
at first.
The import of clang/LLVM was discussed at the toolchain summit May 10th
but I would like to hear your opinion. I got approval from core@ on
importing it.

So please share your support or resistance to the idea of importing clang.

Roman Divacky

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