So, I upgraded a system from Feb 10 -current to today's
-current code.  In doing so, I changed the kernel config
options from

options         NFSCLIENT               # Network Filesystem Client
options         NFSSERVER               # Network Filesystem Server


options         NFSCL                # Network Filesystem Client
options         NFSD                 # Network Filesystem Server

rebuild and install the kernel.  Upon rebooting, I'm greeted
with a

Jul  6 16:09:41 node16 root: /etc/rc: WARNING: Unable to load 
kernel module nfsserver

Of course, it can't load nfsserver because I don't use modules
nor build them.  So, why is the system trying to load a nfsserver
module?  Because, my /etc/rc.conf contains


if I change this to 


The system no longer tries to load nfsserver upon rebooting.
Unfortunately, this has the effect that no nfsd daemons are
started.  Well, I can start the daemons post-booting.

node16:root[139] /etc/rc.d/nfsd start
Cannot 'start' nfsd. Set nfs_server_enable to YES in /etc/rc.conf or use 
'onestart' instead of 'start'.


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