Steve Kargl wrote:
> So, I upgraded a system from Feb 10 -current to today's
> -current code. In doing so, I changed the kernel config
> options from
> options NFSCLIENT # Network Filesystem Client
> options NFSSERVER # Network Filesystem Server
> to
> options NFSCL # Network Filesystem Client
> options NFSD # Network Filesystem Server
> rebuild and install the kernel. Upon rebooting, I'm greeted
> with a
> Jul 6 16:09:41 node16 root: /etc/rc: WARNING: Unable to load
> kernel module nfsserver
> Of course, it can't load nfsserver because I don't use modules
> nor build them. So, why is the system trying to load a nfsserver
> module? Because, my /etc/rc.conf contains
> nfs_client_enable="YES"
> nfs_server_enable="YES"
> if I change this to
> nfs_client_enable="YES"
> nfsv4_server_enable="YES"
> The system no longer tries to load nfsserver upon rebooting.
> Unfortunately, this has the effect that no nfsd daemons are
> started. Well, I can start the daemons post-booting.
> node16:root[139] /etc/rc.d/nfsd start
> Cannot 'start' nfsd. Set nfs_server_enable to YES in /etc/rc.conf or
> use 'onestart' instead of 'start'.
Assuming you've upgraded your /etc/rc.d scripts to those in head, then
try deleting /etc/rc.d/nfsserver. (This script just tries to load the
old server even though you don't need it unless you want to run the old

Or you can build a kernel with both
options NFSD
to make it happy.

I'll try posting to rc@ to see if I can get rid of /etc/rc.d/nfsserver.

Thanks for pointing this out. I had forgotten about deleting this (and
was until recently confused about when obsolete files get deleted).

If you still have problems after deleting /etc/rc.d/nfsserver (assuming
your /etc/rc.d scripts are up-to-date), please let me know.

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