pfctl -v -s nat

rdr inet6 proto tcp from any to 2001:49f0:4004::/48 port = 9191 -> ::ffff: [ Evaluations: 512 Packets: 3 Bytes: 228 States: 1 ]
  [ Inserted: uid 0 pid 80940 State Creations: 2     ]

I can see here that after i tried on another host to telnet to
2001:49f0:4004::2 9191 , that a state was in fact created for the rdr,
but it doesn't appear to be actually forwarding:

My rule:

rdr inet6 proto tcp to 2001:49f0:4004::/48 port 9191 -> ::ffff:

Am I missing something here? I have checked on ipv6 forwarding and redirects set to 1, net.inet6.ip6.v6only=0 to allow the mapping... I can even telnet to ::ffff: 9191 from any host yet it will not forward the 2001:49f0:4004:: addresses, and yes inet6 is allowing the port to pass, so this makes no sense to me....


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