on 26/06/2012 15:50 Andrey V. Elsukov said the following:
> 3. ZFS code now uses new API and probing on the systems with many disks
> should be greatly increased:
>         zfs/zfs.c
>         i386/loader/main.c

First of all, it's hard to parse the above sentence. "probing ... should be
greatly increased".  Probing what? :-)  If probing time, then we don't want 
that ;-)

I looked through the ZFS-related part and here are a few comments:

1. I think that the predominant indentation style of i386/loader/main.c should 
preserved for consistency.

2. I am not sure if I like the approach of moving partition tasting code into
common ZFS code (zfs.c).  On one hand, it now makes sense because the new
partition iteration code is machine-independent.  On the other hand, the reason
that I added arch_zfs_probe method was to give platforms full control over which
partitions and in what order are probed.  It seems to be important for some of 
So, I like how your new partition interface makes it much easier to ZFS-probe
partitions, but I would prefer to have that code in arch_zfs_probe 
rather than in zfs_probe_dev.

3.  Related to the above.  In what shape is sparc64 ZFS support in your branch?
Have you tried to adapt it to the new model too?
It's the platform that has special requirements for disk/partition probing 
Marius can help with additional information and testing here.

Overall, thank you very much for this work!  I believe that it moves us in the
correct direction.

Andriy Gapon

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