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Steve Wills <swi...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems to me that renaming the pkg binary in /usr/sbin/pkg
> to /usr/sbin/pkg-bootstrap would make sense. From a user standpoint,
> it is confusing that running the command gets different results the
> second time it is run vs. the first time. I can imagine a user saying
> "I ran pkg, but it didn't do what they said it would.  Now I run it
> again, and it does do what it is supposed to." Also, it would enable
> setting up a pkg-bootstrap man page separate from the pkg man page,
> without confusion about which one you're looking at.
> So, opinions? There may still be time to fix it for 9.1 if we can
> decide quickly.
> Thanks,
> Steve
Remove it or rename it. Do _NOT_ make it download the package and
install it silently as this is a security nightmare waiting to happen.
Alexander Kabaev

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