(While this may not be a strictly CURRENT issue, I asked on questions@, but have not found a solution.)

One of my boxes failed, and for various reasons it became easier to just scrub and rebuild it. Like its predecessor it will run CURRENT
        1) Using BSDinstall, I flushed then created the first disk:

ada2p1  freebsd-boot    128k
ada2p2  freebsd-swap    4g
ada2p3  freebsd-ufs     25g

        (There are non-bootable disks at ada0, -1, and -3.)

        2) Installed off the 9.0 CD, got it up and running, everything was good.
        3) Used csup (tag=.) to update the source tree as of 00:01 on 12/30.
        4a) Built world - OK.
        4b) Build kernel - OK.
        4c) Ran mergemaster - OK.
        4d) Installed kernel - OK.
        5) On rebooting, the loader(??) claims to not be able to find a
bootable partition - i.e. I get a screen that ends in "mountroot > ".
Providing the presumptive value by hand returns "error 19".
6) Boot using installation CD and use "gpart show" to double check device names and partitions; everything looks good.
        7) Try normal booting again, no go.

This is my first time installing to a completely GPT partitioned system, and I have (obviously) failed to grok something. I checked src/UPDATING and found nothing which covered this.
        What have I bungled, and how do I fix it?


                                        Robert Huff

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