On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Joe Greco wrote:

> Uh, Chuck, can you tell me how many BIND and Sendmail advisories there have
> been in the last five years?
> Wouldn't it be nice if we could just tell newbies, "hey, yeah, that Sendmail
> has a known security issue, pkg_delete it and then add this new one here". 
> Or would you prefer to explain to someone who doesn't "have the least clue 
> how to do it" how to upgrade BIND and Sendmail to the latest?
> The concept is beneficial from _many_ angles, not just the one I gave. 
> Despite my tendency to promote the traditional BSD distribution style, that
> does not mean that I feel that everything in FreeBSD should arrive as it did
> on the 4.4BSD tape.  I think that the ability to be able to select modules
> for inclusion or exclusion would be particularly useful.

If you want to pick another one and by default install that, fine.  If you
want to force new users to read all about mailers just to get their first
mail working, no, that's just too much, Joe, you're asking too much of
folks.  If you've got a bone to pick with sendmail, that's ok, but you
have to pick a better one.  If you can't decide on the best one, then how
in the heck do you expect Joe Public to do better?

ALWAYS provide sensible default values, not a bunch of expert questions.

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