Hi Devin,

When boot is executed, I know I can see "kenv console", but hadn't realized
that there were/are a host of others that are slurped into the kernel for later
(very purposeful) fetching.

So when you say that bhyve requests a serial console... I assume now it's
setting variables... but via raw Forth? C code? loader.conf(5)? I've seen my
menu come up under bhyve, and I noticed that it only has a 5-second count-
down instead of the usual 9 -- but I'm curious how you're exporting the 

bhyve uses the loader facility to set env variables directly from loader code. This is no different than other arch ports of the loader that set env variables. The forced setting of boot_serial is just a convenience for users since that is the only supported console type.

It doesn't touch the timeout code - should be whatever FreeBSD loader forth scripts tell it to do.



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