Teske, Devin schreef:
Hi all,

Another Call For Testing...
This one is for bsdinstall.

Two patchsets are required for this CFT:


The enhancements are:

+ Add a `-D FILE" command-line option for overriding the
path to the bsdinstall log file (BSDINSTALL_LOG env var).

+ Document new `-D FILE' in the man page for bsdinstall.

+ If FILE in `-D FILE' begins with a +, debug output goes to
stdout (interleaved between dialog(1) invocations/output) as
well as to FILE (minus the leading + of course).

+ If BSDINSTALL_LOG cannot be written, then debugging is
disabled (except in the case of a leading + in the pathname,
wherein debug will still be printed to stdout).

+ Update source code format to approximate a future shstyle(9)

+ Fix a dangling participle ("Begun ..." -> "Began ...")

+ Rewrite the docsinstall script (was necessary to abate direct
dependency on BSDINSTALL_LOG (instead, use fault-tolerant
bsdconfig framework which displays appropriate errors for
package management).

+ Add additional debug output for dhclient/rtsol/wpa_cliscan

+ Display script errors in a textbox rather than just on stdout

+ Update many coments.

+ Add new f_show_err() API call (like f_show_msg but changes
the dialog title to "Error")(see bsdconfig's `common.subr').

+ Add new f_eval_catch() API call for executing a command via
eval but not before logging the command to debug. Several
example cases documented in API header for function in
bsdconfig's `common.subr'.

+ Fix dialog auto-sizing when launched as an rvalue to a pipe
for indirected scripts (previously would default to 80x24 sizing
in this case, now it can autosize to full size even when in a pipe

+ Fix a bug in f_snprintf wherein if the $format argument began
with a "-" or "--" it would be misinterpreted as a flag to printf. (this
is in bsdcofig's strings.subr)

+ Add accompanying f_sprintf() and f_vsprintf() to go along with
already existing f_snprintf() and f_vsnprintf() (see bsdconfig's

+ Update bsdinstall's "config" script to adjust ttyu* entries in
/etc/ttys when it is determined that we are in-fact doing an install
over serial (e.g. bhyve).

+ Remove some unnecessary default ZFS datasets from the
automatic "zfsboot" script. Such as: /usr/ports/distfiles
/usr/ports/packages /usr/obj /var/db /var/empty /var/mail and
/var/run (these can all be created as-needed once the system is

+ Remove setuid=off for /usr/home (as discussed with others from
last round of CFT).

+ Fix some i18n string violations in "zfsboot"

+ Bolster debugging output in "zfsboot"

+ Fix some string quoting issues in "zfsboot"

+ Fix some variable scope issues in "zfsboot"

+ Only display the ZFS vdev type selection menu when running
interactively (duh).

+ Change "Create" to "Install" in "zfsboot" main menu

+ Increase pedantic error checking in "zfsboot" (type-check
arguments and such).

+ Add a call to "graid destroy" to kill automatic metadata (part of
the series of pedantic destructions we do when bootstrapping
a new/naked disk).

+ Make judicious use of new f_eval_catch() in "zfsboot"

+ More comments (zfsboot).

+ Fixup some variable names for consistency (zfsboot).

I did not try this installer myself, but one question, can i seperate the swap space from the pool?
I have seen to many strange hangs on a server where i use swap on zfs!

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