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> On Nov 10, 2013, at 1:05 PM, Erik Cederstrand <erik+li...@cederstrand.dk> 
> wrote:
>> Imagine being able to fetch a VirtualBox disk image for a random SVN commit, 
>> booting it and start debugging right away. 
> I’ve been working on Crochet’s support for building
> VMWare images recently and have started using
> that approach to iterate my dev environment
> (using one VM to build a new VM instead of
> upgrading in place).

Sorry to come in late.  All this sounds good, and I’d like to point out that 
the project has network
testing hardware in place, if people want to use it for these types of 
experiments.  In the absence
of a lab just for regression testing (which is also in the works) I’d suggest 
that prototyping be done


Anyone who is a FreeBSD committer can get access, and those who want access but 
are not
yet committers should contact me so we can try to work something out.


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