From: Erwin Lansing <>
Subject: Re: FreeBSD 10 Beta2 /etc/rc.d/named script and /etc/defaults/rc.conf
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 12:13:23 +0100

> Sorry about the delay, but I did finally update all three dns/bind9*
> ports today.  I have dropped the complicated chroot, and related
> symlinking, logic from the default rc script as I don't think that
> is the right place to implement things.  I would recommend users
> who want the extra security to use jail(8) instead of a mere chroot.
> This change should not affect the installed base of FreeBSD 9.x and
> earlier systems, but new installations there should note that the
> symlink option is no longer turned on by default, but still supported.
> I tested some default cases, but by no means can test every corner case,
> so please let me know how this works out.

Please merge r257694 to stable/10 because remnants of BIND are still left.

Best Regards.

Yasuhiro KIMURA
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