> I did not deployed yet 10.x (I'm waiting for nanobsd.sh to correct
> problems with pkgng) for now I am running it on VirtualBox, but I hope it
> will also run well on Alix hardware. Your problems were on 10.x or 11.x?
> I just wanted to chip in concerning nanobsd: the whole point with it is
that it is easy to overide methods you don't like. Without to much patching
I have nanobsd working on zfs with pkgng.

If you use the official pkgng repo it is almost trivial:

define cust_pkg() in your config file, something like

cust_pkg() {
    pkg -c ${NANO_WORLDDIR} install $packages
    pkg -c ${NANO_WORLDDIR} clean

You might also have to temporarily place a working resolv.conf in

If you have your own repo just add
export PACKAGESITE="proto://path/to/repo"
to the config file as well.

Given that thats all it takes, why wait for an "official" fix?

Best regards
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