On 25 Nov 2013, at 12:54, Anthony Perkins <anth...@acperkins.com> wrote:

> I've added an option to 'fmt' to ignore lines beginning with the
> greater-than symbol, so that whole email replies can be piped through
> fmt (e.g. via vi from mutt) without needing to repeat the command
> for each of my paragraphs.
> This is my first real patch, so I would appreciate any feedback.

I’ve not tried your patch, but I like the idea. When using NMH, I like
to use a paragraph reformatter before sending, and fmt(1) was terrible
because (as you note) it can’t handle the reply quoting.

You may want to extend your idea a bit and do what par (ports/textproc/par)
does. This is a paragraph reformatter that takes the quoting into account,
replacing it after the paragraph wrapping.

Mark R V Murray

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