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First, a quick note: freebsd-current@ and current@ are the same list.

> There seems to be a difference in how Xorg server can use direct
> rendering depending when radeonkms.ko was loaded: at boot time vs. at
> a later time (but not necessarily at X startup time). The difference
> is that direct rendering could not be enabled for X in the former
> case. In the latter case, direct rendering was successfully enabled.

The problem is that if you load radeonkms from the loader or you build
it into your kernel, it can't load the relevant firmware(s):
error: [drm:pid0:r600_init_microcode] *ERROR* r600_cp: Failed to load
firmware "radeonkmsfw_RV710_pfp"
error: [drm:pid0:rv770_startup] *ERROR* Failed to load firmware!

This is because /boot isn't available at the time the card is
initialized: / is not mounted yet.

The solution is to load firmware(s) from the loader too (or build them
into the kernel). To know which firmware(s) are used by your card, you
can boot without radeonkms, kldload it after the computer booted, and run:
  kldstat | grep radeonkmsfw

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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