Are you able to make it do delayed firmware loading?

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> On 10.12.2013 12:21, Markiyan Kushnir wrote:
> > Hello,
> Hi!
> First, a quick note: freebsd-current@ and current@ are the same list.
> > There seems to be a difference in how Xorg server can use direct
> > rendering depending when radeonkms.ko was loaded: at boot time vs. at
> > a later time (but not necessarily at X startup time). The difference
> > is that direct rendering could not be enabled for X in the former
> > case. In the latter case, direct rendering was successfully enabled.
> The problem is that if you load radeonkms from the loader or you build
> it into your kernel, it can't load the relevant firmware(s):
> error: [drm:pid0:r600_init_microcode] *ERROR* r600_cp: Failed to load
> firmware "radeonkmsfw_RV710_pfp"
> error: [drm:pid0:rv770_startup] *ERROR* Failed to load firmware!
> This is because /boot isn't available at the time the card is
> initialized: / is not mounted yet.
> The solution is to load firmware(s) from the loader too (or build them
> into the kernel). To know which firmware(s) are used by your card, you
> can boot without radeonkms, kldload it after the computer booted, and run:
>   kldstat | grep radeonkmsfw
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