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>Because of that deinstall log.  When you use `pkg install` to upgrade a 
>port, you get something like this:
>Jul 10 23:06:40 chombo pkg-static: ca_root_nss-3.15.1 installed
>Nov 29 15:04:52 chombo pkg: ca_root_nss reinstalled: 3.15.2_1
>That information does not exist in the pkg database.

I agree that's a serious bug/regression in the pkg database: With the
old pkg system, I could tell when a port was installed by looking at
the timestamps on the +COMMENT file.  The install time is needed to
answer questions like "does this entry in UPDATING affect me" (ie have
I rebuilt the port since the entry date).  It's something I used
regularly and its absence is a PITA.

I shouldn't need to rummage through /var/log/messages - and in any case,
by default FreeBSD only keeps 500K of messages history (about a month
in my case) so the information has probably rotated into the bit bucket.

I agree that having a pkg audit trail would be useful.  Unfortunately,
what we have today is not an audit trail and isn't especially useful.

Peter Jeremy

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