On 2014-01-07 15:05, Dan Sency wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I need help resolving kernel panics on a Supermicro X10SLH-F
> motherboard in a Supermicro SC-825 chassis.  I originally installed
> FreeBSD 9.2 Release/amd64 but kept having kernel panics after varying
> amounts of uptime and while running the following command against some
> or all of the SATA hard drives in the system:
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada/n/ bs=100m &
> A sample vmcore file is here:
> http://codepad.org/FIjqh2Nt
> While canvassing the FreeBSD Forums I followed a suggestion to try
> 10.0 RC4/amd64.  The machine still panicked under the same conditions
> at around 27 hours uptime.  The vmcore file is here:
> http://codepad.org/svtRfRT1
> System memory has run Memtest for 62 hours and 47 passes without error
> and the chassis has dual 740W PSU's so I think I have memory and PSU
> possibilities eliminated.
> Apologies if I've sent my plea to the wrong place.  Tell me where to
> go and I'll bother someone else.  Thanks, Dan.
How is your swap configured on this machine?

Allan Jude

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