On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 05:01:28PM -0800, Southwell wrote:
> It would be good to be ahead of the game rather than behind it on this
> occasion --

Well, get started then. ;-)  Most people currently writing code have
better things to do then write drivers for vaporware.  The problem is
that, people claiming that something like Bluetooth is going to RSN
can't be trusted.  Just look at USB for example.  Intel and others have
been pushing it for years.  Heck, I've got a four year old system with
USB support (with a lovely note in the manual stating that it worked in
the simulator, but they hadn't tested it for real because there were no
devices they could get their hands on.)  But you couldn't buy devices
until quite recently.  Development on the early boards would have been
wasted as it would have just sat around and rotted while kernel
iterfaces changed out from under it.  Until someone ships a PC hardware
and something worth talking to, you aren't likely to get much response.

> I am still trying to find out about getting IEEE 1394 support -- cards have
> been available to me for at least 3 years!!

Did you even read the licensing site?  It's pretty clear that you
couldn't write code that Walnut Creek could ship on CDs without charge
(to them).  With licensing problems like that, I'm beginning to believe
that Intel's approach of ignoring 1394 in favor of USB2 is the right
idea.  That's unfortunate for those who have 1394 hardware, but that's
the live of an early adoptor.

-- Brooks

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