On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Brooks Davis wrote:

> > I am still trying to find out about getting IEEE 1394 support -- cards have
> > been available to me for at least 3 years!!
> Did you even read the licensing site?  It's pretty clear that you
> couldn't write code that Walnut Creek could ship on CDs without charge
> (to them).  With licensing problems like that, I'm beginning to believe
> that Intel's approach of ignoring 1394 in favor of USB2 is the right
> idea.  That's unfortunate for those who have 1394 hardware, but that's
> the live of an early adoptor.

Early adaptor? You *HAVE* got to be kidding. Consider anybody with any 
real DV hardware. Early adopting for firewire happened several years ago.

Hopefully there will be firewire support for FreeBSD, like say from BSDI.
Otherwise, and in the case of existing code, setting up a nfp (say
"BSD Firewire initative") that collected the licence fee + overhead on
each download of the binary is another option.

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