Brian Somers wrote:
> [John cc'd]
> Can (both of) you try the source distribution ?
> I was having a problem on where clients kept 
> getting disconnected.  The problem went away (it seems) after I 
> installed the source port (install ports/net/cvsup before 
> cvsup-mirror).
> I'm an advocate of the ``source route'', so I felt it would be 
> inappropriate if I complained that the ``source route'' was broken 
> without backup :*)

Hmm, I hadn't heard of that problem.  But I'm glad you got it

>> This happened to me when I was using cvsup-bin.  I didn't want all of the
>> modula overhead.  Any ideas?
> It's not modula any more !!!

Eh?  Sure it is.  It would be too much work to rewrite it in a
different language.

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