On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Alexander N. Kabaev wrote:

> Actually, it seems that Java borrowed a whole lot of ideas from Modula-3. And
> C++ experience can even hurt instead helping when switching to Java. Java
> inherits some parts of C++ syntax but is based on rather different design.

That statement, about "C++ experience can even hurt instead helping when
switching to Java" is pretty specious.  I've heard it said that knowing C
ruins you for learning C++, and your statement holds about the same amount
of water.  If you think the latter is right, you might believe the former,
but I sure don't buy it, it sounds awfully conceited.

C++ and Java are *quite* similar.  There are differences, and personally,
I think Java is quite a bit better for them, but they aren't based on
radically different designs, and quite often, code parts will look

Yes, there are differences, and Yes, some of those differences are major,
but they are from the same tree, and knowing C++ isn't going to hurt you
one bit in learning Java ... it'll just make you appreciate Java all the

One think I like about Modula-3, I have to agree, is that it has some of
the nicer features or Java.  I think interfaces are great, and I have very
dire opinions about the quality of most template code (from C++).

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