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> On 01/22/14 11:39, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
>> On 01/22/14 11:31, Olivier Cochard-Labbé wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> There is a regression since 9.2 (still not fixed on 10.0) regarding a
>>> list
>>> of Kingston DataTraveler/DT USB keys
>>> - usb/180837, regarding "Kingston DT 101 G2": This PR include a patch for
>>> 9.2 and a link to netbsd code that include other Kingston USB keys;
>>> - usb/184014, regarding "Kingston DT 100 G2" (include tips for debugging)
>>> - usb/185747, regarding "Kingston DT 101 G2" (duplicate PR with
>>> usb/180837), that include a patch for 10.0;
>>> - misc/185837, regarding "Kingston DataTraveler 2.0".
>>> Can someone check with the netbsd code for the full list of known buggy
>>> Kingston USB key and commit these quirks patches ?
>> Hi,
>> Can you make a list of VID+PID and the minimum of quirks needed.
>> Many Kingston devices I've got work just fine. Maybe they are not
>> original?
> s/original/genuine
> BTW: What revision of FreeBSD are you seeing this? Have you updated the
> kernel to the latest?

I've meet the problem on FreeBSD 10.0 with a Kingston DT 101 G2 (this is
why I've fill the PR usb/185747), but it wasn't my key then I didn't have
access to it anymore.
Then the author of the PR usb/180837 confirms the problem on FreeBSD 9.2
with this same key (but he didn't have to use the same quirks on 9.2 as me
on 10.0) and notice that the NetBSD quirks list include a list of Kingston
DataTraveler USB keys
And just after a new PR misc/185837 was created by another user… This why I
wonder if there is something wrong with somes of the Kingston DataTraveler.

FYI, I've just ordered 3 differents Kingston Datatraveler keys for testing
- Kingston DataTraveler SE9
- Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3
- Kingston DataTraveler i G4 8
I will test them once received.
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