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> My experiences with newcons/drm2:
> * suspend/resume occasionally throws up a panic in the softclock code,
> with some vaguely invalid looking newcons timer entry. THis happens
> after it comes out of suspend, after af ew seconds. It sucks and makes
> things rather unusable.

Are you have some data to investigate who is culprit?
You can try also kernel with syscons, of course console will be black
after kms load, but you still able to input commands.

> * Occasionally a resume results in control not going back to xorg
> correctly. I have to vt switch to vty0 and back to xorg

yeah, dunno why, but xorg's framebuffer damaged in many cases, and not
restored on resume. But how it is related to newcons?

> * Occasionally the text drawing is garbage - the text cells are
> correct (ie spaces where there's spaces, text where there's text) but
> the character contents are totally different/garbage. I have to switch
> vts to fix this.

Can you please take a picture of that? I can't imaging it yet. :)
It is related to previous paragraph or another issue?

> -a

Thanks for report Adrian!

Aleksandr Rybalko <r...@freebsd.org>
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