Dear Andriy and FreeBSD community,

For now I begin testing l2 cache without compression (with you path provided in 
last messages) in production. 

I will test the new patch on the test server first, and then if all is ok on 
one of the production servers.

Andriy Gapon wrote:
AG> on 07/02/2014 11:11 Andriy Gapon said the following:
AG> > on 05/02/2014 14:22 Vitalij Satanivskij said the following:
AG> >> Dear Andriy and FreeBSD community,
AG> >>
AG> >> Ok. I'm get coredump on panic.
AG> >>
AG> >> What else i need to do?
AG> > 
AG> > 
AG> > Vitalij, Vladimir,
AG> > 
AG> > I have been able to reproduce the leak at work, so now I have full access 
to all
AG> > debugging information that I need.  Thank you for your testing and 
AG> > 
AG> > I have reported my observations to OpenZFS developers.  It looks like the 
AG> > of L2ARC compression code is too busy right now to produce a fix.
AG> > Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the L2ARC code, so I can not 
AG> > to produce a patch soon.
AG> I've been able to spend some time on this issue.
AG> Could you please try the following patch?
AG> It obsoletes all previous patches from me.
AG> -- 
AG> Andriy Gapon
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