Dear Andriy and FreeBSD community,

Build world with path failed with error 

 error: use of
      undeclared identifier 'l2hdr'
                        ASSERT3P(l2hdr->b_tmp_cdata, ==, NULL);
 note: expanded from
      macro 'ASSERT3P'
#define ASSERT3P(x, y, z)       VERIFY3_IMPL(x, y, z, uintptr_t)
 note: expanded from
      macro 'VERIFY3_IMPL'
        const TYPE __left = (TYPE)(LEFT); \
1 error generated.
*** Error code 1

Vladimir Sharun wrote:
VS> Dear Andriy and FreeBSD community,
VS> L2ARC temporarily turned off by setting secondarycache=none everywhere it 
was enabled,
VS> so no more leak for one particular day.
VS> Here's the top header:
VS> last pid: 89916;  load averages:  2.49,  2.91,  2.89    up 5+19:21:42  
VS> 561 processes: 2 running, 559 sleeping
VS> CPU:  5.7% user,  0.0% nice, 14.0% system,  1.0% interrupt, 79.3% idle
VS> Mem: 23G Active, 1017M Inact, 98G Wired, 1294M Cache, 3285M Buf, 1997M Free
VS> ARC: 69G Total, 3498M MFU, 59G MRU, 53M Anon, 1651M Header, 4696M Other
VS> Swap:
VS> Here's the calculated vmstat -z (mean all of the allocations, which exceeds 
100*1024^2 printed):
VS> UMA Slabs:      199,915M
VS> VM OBJECT:      207,354M
VS> 32:     205,558M
VS> 64:     901,122M
VS> 128:    215,211M
VS> 256:    242,262M
VS> 4096:   2316,01M
VS> range_seg_cache:        205,396M
VS> zio_buf_512:    1103,31M
VS> zio_buf_16384:  15697,9M
VS> zio_data_buf_16384:     348,297M
VS> zio_data_buf_24576:     129,352M
VS> zio_data_buf_32768:     104,375M
VS> zio_data_buf_36864:     163,371M
VS> zio_data_buf_53248:     100,496M
VS> zio_data_buf_57344:     105,93M
VS> zio_data_buf_65536:     101,75M
VS> zio_data_buf_73728:     111,938M
VS> zio_data_buf_90112:     104,414M
VS> zio_data_buf_106496:    100,242M
VS> zio_data_buf_131072:    61652,5M
VS> dnode_t:        3203,98M
VS> dmu_buf_impl_t: 797,695M
VS> arc_buf_hdr_t:  1498,76M
VS> arc_buf_t:      105,802M
VS> zfs_znode_cache:        352,61M
VS> zio_data_buf_131072 (61652M) + zio_buf_16384 (15698M) = 77350M
VS> easily exceeds ARC total (70G)
VS> Here's the same calculations from exact the same system where L2 was 
disabled before reboot:
VS> last pid: 63407;  load averages:  2.35,  2.71,  2.73    up 8+19:42:54  
VS> 527 processes: 1 running, 526 sleeping
VS> CPU:  4.8% user,  0.0% nice,  6.6% system,  1.1% interrupt, 87.4% idle
VS> Mem: 21G Active, 1460M Inact, 99G Wired, 1748M Cache, 3308M Buf, 952M Free
VS> ARC: 87G Total, 4046M MFU, 76G MRU, 37M Anon, 2026M Header, 4991M Other
VS> Swap:
VS> and the vmstat -z filtered:
VS> UMA Slabs:      208,004M
VS> VM OBJECT:      207,392M
VS> 32:     172,831M
VS> 64:     752,226M
VS> 128:    210,024M
VS> 256:    244,204M
VS> 4096:   2249,02M
VS> range_seg_cache:        245,711M
VS> zio_buf_512:    1145,25M
VS> zio_buf_16384:  15170,1M
VS> zio_data_buf_16384:     422,766M
VS> zio_data_buf_20480:     120,742M
VS> zio_data_buf_24576:     148,641M
VS> zio_data_buf_28672:     112,848M
VS> zio_data_buf_32768:     117,375M
VS> zio_data_buf_36864:     185,379M
VS> zio_data_buf_45056:     103,168M
VS> zio_data_buf_53248:     105,32M
VS> zio_data_buf_57344:     122,828M
VS> zio_data_buf_65536:     109,25M
VS> zio_data_buf_69632:     100,406M
VS> zio_data_buf_73728:     126,844M
VS> zio_data_buf_77824:     101,086M
VS> zio_data_buf_81920:     100,391M
VS> zio_data_buf_86016:     101,391M
VS> zio_data_buf_90112:     112,836M
VS> zio_data_buf_98304:     100,688M
VS> zio_data_buf_102400:    106,543M
VS> zio_data_buf_106496:    108,875M
VS> zio_data_buf_131072:    63190,5M
VS> dnode_t:        3437,36M
VS> dmu_buf_impl_t: 840,62M
VS> arc_buf_hdr_t:  1870,88M
VS> arc_buf_t:      114,942M
VS> zfs_znode_cache:        353,055M
VS> Everything seems within ARC total range.
VS> We will try patch attached within few days and will come back with the 
VS> Thank you for your help.
VS> > on 28/01/2014 11:28 Vladimir Sharun said the following:
VS> > > Dear Andriy and FreeBSD community,
VS> > > 
VS> > > After applying this path one of the systems runs fine (disk subsystem 
load low to moderate 
VS> > > - 10-20% busy sustained),
VS> > > 
VS> > > Then I saw this patch was merged to the HEAD and we apply it to the one 
of the systems 
VS> > > with moderate to high disk load: 30-60% busy (11.0-CURRENT #7 r261118: 
Fri Jan 24 17:25:08 EET 2014)
VS> > > 
VS> > > Within 4 days we experiencing the same leak(?) as without patch: 
VS> > > 
VS> > > last pid: 53841;  load averages:  4.47,  4.18,  3.78     up 3+16:37:09  
VS> > > 543 processes: 6 running, 537 sleeping
VS> > > CPU:  8.7% user,  0.0% nice, 14.6% system,  1.4% interrupt, 75.3% idle
VS> > > Mem: 22G Active, 1045M Inact, 98G Wired, 1288M Cache, 3284M Buf, 2246M 
VS> > > ARC: 73G Total, 3763M MFU, 62G MRU, 56M Anon, 1887M Header, 4969M Other
VS> > > Swap:
VS> > > 
VS> > > The ARC is populated within 30mins under load to the max (90Gb) then 
start decreasing.
VS> > > 
VS> > > The delta between Wiread and ARC total start growing from typical 
10-12Gb without L2 enabled
VS> > > to the 25Gb with L2 enabled and counting (4 hours ago was 22Gb delta).
VS> > 
VS> > First,  have you checked that vmstat -z output contains the same anomaly 
as for
VS> > in your original report?
VS> > 
VS> > If yes, the please try to reproduce the problem with the following 
debugging patch:
VS> >
VS> > Please make sure to compile your kernel (and modules) with INVARIANTS.
VS> > 
VS> > -- 
VS> > Andriy Gapon
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