On 21 Feb, Ian FREISLICH wrote:
> Hiroki Sato wrote:
>> ia> While recieving my routing table I used to be able to check how far
>> ia> it got by counting the output netstat -rn.  It takes about 2 seconds
>> ia> to recieve the routes from my route-server, but over a minute to
>> ia> update the kernel routing table.
>> ia>
>> ia> I'm now getting this error until zebra completes route insertion.
>> ia>
>> ia> [firewall1.jnb1] ~ $ netstat -rn |wc -l
>> ia> netstat: sysctl: net.route.0.0.dump.0: Cannot allocate memory
>> ia>        1
>> ia> [firewall1.jnb1] ~ $ netstat -rn |wc -l
>> ia>   480446
>>  Perhaps does the attached patch fix this?
> Sadly, not.

Maybe you are running into the wired page limit.  Try bumping up the
value of the sysctl vm.max_wired knob.

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