Hiroki Sato wrote:
> ia> Hiroki Sato wrote:
> ia> >  Hm, how about the attached one?
> ia> >
> ia> >  I think the cause is just a race when length of the sysctl's output
> ia> >  is changed in kernel after the buffer allocation in userspace, not
> ia> >  memory shortage.  Size of the routing table can quickly change.
> ia>
> ia> You are correct.  It's growing at about 9000 entries per second (I
> ia> wish it were faster).
> ia>
> ia> This is what the output looks like now.  I guess I'm not the average
> ia> case.
>  Can you try the attached patch?  It will attempt to enlarge the
>  buffer every retry.

I think the routing table grows too fast.  It still fails.


Ian Freislich
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