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On Feb 23, 2014 10:22 AM, "Lucius Rizzo" <lucius.ri...@lucius.xxx> wrote:
> * Andreas Nilsson <andrn...@gmail.com> [2014-02-23 09:33]:
> > Imho, the replacement to init and rc-scripts I sometimes think about
> > would be to import SMF from opensolaris/illumos. There one can at
> > least get the commands run and config used without looking at the
> > source code.
> I like SMF from Solaris 11 onwards and even SmartOS. However, I have
> found to like systemd and use via systemctl on Arch far nicer than any
> other rc scripts to date.
> Anyone care to share their thoughts on the pros and cons of something
> like systemd the way Arch does?

The main developer for systemd is very anti-portability and anti-!Linux. He
had actively rejected patches that made his projects work on non-Linux
systems. In order to port systemd to a non-Linux system, he wants you to
first implement every Linux feature that systemd uses.

systemd is a non-starter, and not with considering.

In theory, devd could be extended to support socket-activation, and the
support for that added to RCng, providing the bulk of the systemd features,
without having to deal with the systemd devs.
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