Hello, Freddie.
You wrote 23 февраля 2014 г., 22:31:48:

FC> The main developer for systemd is very anti-portability and anti-!Linux. He
FC> had actively rejected patches that made his projects work on non-Linux
FC> systems. In order to port systemd to a non-Linux system, he wants you to
FC> first implement every Linux feature that systemd uses.
FC> systemd is a non-starter, and not with considering.
 The problem is, next (or N+2) GNOME, KDE and X.org itself will depend on
systemd, and, maybe, X.org will be discontinued at all for Wayland
(or-what-is-name-of-this-technology), which will be even more Linux-centric.

 It is topic for other thread, but this chasing Linux in system features
(hal/udev/systemd/whatever) needed for desktop environment is painful, and
FreeBSD without decent modern DE will fail to attract new users :(

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@freebsd.org>

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