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> dma can exactly do that :) while being smaller than opensmtpd (which is very
> very nice as well, this is the one I use when I need a full smtp setup :))

Sounds excellent then.  We definitely should be moving to a world where all of 
the base system services are compartmentalised with capsicum and given the 
attack surface and complex security requirements of an MTA, it sounds like it 
would be an excellent idea.  If you're willing to do the work then that's 
excellent (and makes you the de-facto winner of any resulting bikeshed)!

It would be good to have it merged to 10 for 10.2 so that people can play with 
it early.  If we decide to switch for 11, then it would also be a good idea to 
teach the upgrade process how to recognise non-default sendmail configurations 
(or, at least, ask the question), move them to /usr/local, and install a 
sendmail port, so that people who want to be using it will keep doing so.  I'm 
only using sendmail because I learned just enough of the config file syntax to 
do what I wanted 10 or so years ago and then I had a working config and never 
overcame the inertia required to switch - a clean and modern replacement in 
base would give me the right incentive!


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