On 2/24/2014 6:56 AM, Daniel Kalchev wrote:

On 24.02.14 13:47, Thomas Mueller wrote:
I don't believe BSD users use base system of itself to send and receive email.  
They use ports (FreeBSD) or equivalent in other BSDs.

One of the beauties of the BSD 'base system' is that upon installation
you have an usable workstation/server environment that can be
immediately used for most Internet-related tasks -- and this most
certainly includes SMTP. Or NTP. Or... used to include DNS.

Your beautiful base system ready for most Internet-related tasks does not have a:

- browser
- media player
- email client
- IRC client
- office suite

I'm wondering what you consider "most" internet tasks. If I want a basic internet desktop, I need to install a couple hundred ports to achieve that.

If I want a server that follows best practices, I have to install openssl from ports, which means I *can't* use the in-base sendmail even if I wanted to.
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