On 24.02.14 19:49, Mark Felder wrote:
We can strip pieces of FreeBSD off and end up with an kernel. Or we
could keep the system very much usable out of the box.

Imagine a world where everything in FreeBSD is a package and we have a
working "PROVIDES" framework. Upon installation you can choose the
software that "provides" the MTA role. Same for DNS, NTP, database,
webserver... That would be a great accomplishment along with a framework
to create a master install image utilizing the options/packages you
desire. I think this type of thing is definitely plausible if we keep
moving forward. My personal opinion remains that complex software is
better served/secured/maintained when it is handled in ports not in

While I agree with all you say, it is worth noting that bind/sendmail/ntp have been very compatible with FreeBSD precisely because of their integration with the base system.

What we risk with "everything is a port" concept is that we live in a world that there is a lot of software to chose from, but from time to time, the software happens to be incompatible with FreeBSD in one way, or another. Another risk is the confusion of too much choice.

There is a fine balance to be found here.

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