Julian Elischer writes:
> I presume the public key at freefall matches the public key
> at machine-B. Try connecting back in the other direction
> so that the 'known machines' settings are tested.

Can't do that because of the firewall..

> > This only happens when going from machine A -> machine B -> freefall.
> > Machine A is 3.4-REL, machine B is either 4.0-stable or 5.0-current
> > (as of a couple of days ago).
> > 
> > When going directly from machine A -> freefall it works fine...
> > in this case no newer versions of FreeBSD are invovled.
> > 
> > Previously, when machine B was 3.4-REL or pre-4.0-current (as of a few
> > months ago), it worked fine.
> The ssh in machine B is now different.. before it was ssh1 and now it
> is openssh.
> What happens if you use TELNET to get to machine B?
> does the ssh to freefall still misbehave?
> (in other words.. what if machine A is not involved?)

Aha.. that works!  (note: home directory is the same on A or B)

  [machineA] telnet machineB
  [machineB] $ ssh-agent tcsh
  [machineB] $ ssh-add
  Need passphrase for /home/archie/.ssh/identity
  Enter passphrase for [EMAIL PROTECTED]: 
  Identity added: /home/archie/.ssh/identity ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
  [machineB] $ ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Warning: Server lies about size of server host key: actual size is 1023 bits vs. 
announced 1024.
  Warning: This may be due to an old implementation of ssh.
  Warning: /home/archie/.ssh/known_hosts, line 4: keysize mismatch for host 
freefall.freebsd.org: actual 1023 vs. announced 1024.
  Warning: replace 1024 with 1023 in /home/archie/.ssh/known_hosts, line 4.
  Last login: Fri Apr 21 10:25:44 2000 from s205m132.whistle


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