As part of this thread, a whole lot of stuff was thrown around to try
and fix / improve the correctness of this.

But it still happens to me in -HEAD i386. I updated to r263418 and
it's now doing it around 30-50% of the time I resume.

So, since I really am trying to avoid getting neck deep in learning
(by myself) a new thing right now, would someone be willing to help me
through the process of (a) learning how this is all supposed to work
(which thanks to jhb and bde, I think I've learnt from the posts in
this thread) and (b) some things to try out? I'll be able to report
the results of this pretty quickly.

I'd like to start work on supporting and power efficiency stuff on
some of the chromebook and tablet hardware using Intel stuff but it's
going to be totally moot if i386 suspend/resume (and vt/xorg, but
that's a different thread) is this busted. :-)


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