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> Since there is a timeout error, I like to know what sendmail is writing to
> MyProvider.com
> Is there a way to debug sendmail to disclose the message written to
> MyProvider.com and the response from MyProvider.com. I'm pretty sure that 
> there lays the solution to my problem.
> Any help is highly appreciated.
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When acting as an (E)SMTP client, sendmail queues outbound messages --
by default, in /var/spool/mqueue/ (ref. "QUEUE_DIR" in the

When I look there, I see files with names like "df..." and "qf..."
(where "..." represents a string of numeric & mixed-case alphabetic
charcaters).  These are in pairs:  the "df*" files contain the data to
be transmitted via (E)SMTP, while the "qf*" files contain meta-data
about the message (including reasons the message didn't get sent yet).

The Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide (a copy of which may be
found in src/contrib/sendmail/doc/op/op.me) has considerable detail on
these files -- search for "qf" (as a suggestion).

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