* Willy Offermans <wi...@offermans.rompen.nl> [2014-03-24 14:36]:
> Dear FreeBSD friends,
> Lately I have setup a new FreeBSD server with 10.0-STABLE. Most of it went
> smoothly. However I have an issue with sendmail. Some of the mails can be
> sent out correctly, some of them stay in /var/spool/mqueue/. The provided
> error messages are in the latter case:
> Mar 24 14:16:01 MyServer sm-mta[11725]: s2ODCWT4011717: SYSERR(root): timeout
> writing message to MyProvider.com: Broken pipe Mar 24 14:16:01 MyServer
> sm-mta[11725]: s2ODCWT4011717: to=<someaddr...@example.com>, delay=00:03:29,
> xdelay=00:03:26, mailer=relay, pri=1284849, relay=MyProvider.com
> [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred
> I'm using Version 8.14.7 All was fine when I was using Version 8.14.5.

Could be a number of things -- maybe even TLS? I am currently on 8.14.8 which
is the latest. I have a pretty complex setup including milters galore with zero
problems. Have you considered updating to the latest release? That might

You can also try sending an email via debug in sendmail to MyProvider.com and
see if there is something going on or perhaps provide us with a few more


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