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> > > > > > That is why on this date I propose that we cease competing on the
> > > > > > desktop market.  FreeBSD should declare 2014 to be "year of the
> > > [snip]
> > >
> > > > I'm a happy FreeBSD desktop user since 4.7. There are some edges,
> but I
> > > > really like that I can can create a desktop the way _I_ want it and
> my mail
> > > > client even allows me to break lines at 80 chars. Eat that, Apple
> Mail! ;-)
> > >
> > > What e-mail client do you use? Evolution?
> >
> > No, mutt, with vim as mail composer. :)
> +1
>         matthias
>         (FreeBSD since 2.2.5 and sending this from an EeePC 900,
>         netbook, UMTS connected, KDE4 desktop, sound, webcam, vim, mutt,
>         sendmail, ...)

FreeBSD desktop since 3.3 (makes me a newbie!) I really dislike pulseaudio
and have managed to live without it. Firefox works fine without it.
Unfortunately they dropped OSS support a while go, so I now must use alsa,
but it works well and without the pain of dealing with pulseaudio, a
solution in search of a problem it I ever saw one.

Audio output is pretty system dependent, but I had little problem getting
my audio to auto-switch to headphones when I plugged them in. The setup is
a bit ugly,but I only had to check the available PINs (ugly, ugly) and set
up stuff once. It just works. If you want my example set-up, I can post it
somewhere or you can look in the archives for it as I have posted it in the

I used exmh with emacs for years, but no when work stopped allowing private
SMTP systems, I switched to Thunderbird. Not great, but satisfactory.

I must use a bit of emulation but it works. (E.g. Flash, alsa) I can run
what I need and have been happy to avoid the issues Windows users have to
deal with (Can you day Windows 8 or Metro?)

Power is an issue and I find the current defaults suck. Read mav's article
on the subject on the wiki.
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