On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Brandon D. Valentine wrote:

> However, FreeBSD just went ahead with its first release to include
> support for the MCA bus.  The vast majority of MCA bus machines in
> existence utilize ESDI because they predate the UDMA and ATA66
> efforts.  If we are to support MCA, how can we drop support for ESDI?

Well, right now there is no support for MCA ESDI controllers.

The FreeBSD MCA support is rather limited right now and only implemented
because I felt like it and wanted something to drive further
newbusification of various ISA only drivers.  I expect the MCA support to
remain a novelty though I'm sure some users will deply production services
on the boxes since they are quality hardware after all (only really slow).

So don't try and bring MCA into the whole lack of support for
BAD144/ESDI/MFM/RLL/foo.  :

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