On 08/05/2014 17:09, Ed Maste wrote:
On 8 May 2014 04:16, David Demelier <demelier.da...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi there,

I'm currently trying vt(9) on a CURRENT kernel (only the kernel not the
base). I have very small bugs, not really serious. I'm currently using the
radeon KMS driver.

* When I switch from a tty to X I can see the mouse appearing but the tty is
still displayed until I move the mouse. Or until I wait something like 3
seconds. It sounds like a small refresh trouble.
Interesting.  On my stable/9 desktop with i915kms I can't reproduce
this; after switching back to X the previous display is restored, and
then a redraw happens, within a few hundred mS.  I do see it on my
laptop, which also has i915kms but newer software (recent CURRENT, and
newer xorg packages).  I'll see if I can gather more information at
BSDCan next week.
Funny, I can't reproduce the bug neither. I've removed some parts from my xorg.conf, maybe the problem came from here.
* When I don't use the native resolution (i.e the radeon firmwares are not
loaded) switching from a tty to another results sometimes in a black screen
when only some colors are displayed. This does not seems to appear when the
native resolution is set.
Can you describe the corruption in some more detail, or share a
picture of it?  I haven't observed something like this with stock vt,
and the vt_vga driver.
Yes, I've recorded a video [1]. Please note again that I can reproduce this bug only when I don't have any
firmware loaded / KMS enabled. I just boot with stock vt and vt_vga enabled.

In the video I've successfully reproduced the bug two times by switching ttys at around 0:25 when you can see just the cursor shown and also at 0:40 where you can see some garbage colors which came from vim.

You can also notice that sometimes switching from one to other displays some artifacts until it is refreshed.
And some questions:

* Will you add support for dead keys? I have a UK keyboard and when I want
to write french characters like à ô ê I usually press the ` character then
This isn't currently planned, but I'll keep it in mind if I look into
future work on the keyboard input path.
I hope for :-).

[1] http://www.demelierdavid.fr/files/vt.mp4

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