On 05/12/14 08:10, Claude Buisson wrote:

What I have to do to get scrolling on every ttyvN ?

The only way to get the system working in normal VGA mode (640x480) (not loading the drm2 and radeon kms modules by loader.conf) is by configuring the BIOS to not do display expansion - which leads to the same ridiculously small font..

And of course, kbdmux keeps being mandatory to be able to load a keymap.

Yeah, I still remember. :)

This could be noted in the newly born vt(4) man page ..

Is there any reason not to have kbdmux be mandatory at this point? Having it be non-optional would simplify a lot of code and most of the code for the non-kbdmux case is heavily bitrotten at this point (see here).
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