On 2 May 2014 12:14, Sevan / Venture37 <ventur...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 23 April 2014 21:54, Allan Jude <free...@allanjude.com> wrote:
>> If anyone who is having trouble getting ZFS booting on one of these
>> Lenovos is going to be at BSDCan, and has a spare disk they are willing
>> to let me hack on, I would be interested in trying to get it booting for
>> you so we can develop a solution to this issue if there is one. I am
>> under the impression the issue is the way gpart does the MBR (or pMBR)
>> with respect to the 'active' flag, but there are a number of different
>> things i'd like to try.
>> It all works flawlessly on my T530
> I'll be at BSDCan with the laptop, you can see what's up for yourself. :)

For archaeological reasons, the X61s was able to boot using ZFS on a
BSD partition scheme (Thanks to Allen), the system can also boot from
a ZFS volume with a MBR partition scheme if you *do not* use the stock
FreeBSD boot loader & switch to GRUB, this was tested by doing a stock
install of PCBSD 10.0-RELEASE.

Sevan / Venture37
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