* Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [000424 11:15] wrote:
>     After further review I don't think there are any compatibility problems
>     with the spl*() mechanisms.
>     But I must still caution that due to the extensive nature of the 
>     cleanup, despite being mostly internal to the kernel, there could
>     very well be other things that we have overlooked which might still cause
>     problems with third party modules that aren't recompiled.  The real answer
>     has changed from "There will be problems" to "There may be problems".

If spl is actually a function and not a macro we should be fine.

I think as a whole we need to evaluate the use of macros, they're
one of the major problems with changes like this and several people
have come forward over time with strong numbers showing that the
code bloat causes that comes with overuse of macros causes problems
with the I cache where inlining really doesn't pay off.  Most archs
nowadays have pretty good support for leaf functions or have cheap
calls instructions.

Just food for thought.

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