On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Kenneth Wayne Culver wrote:

>I believe that it depends on what changes were made since the last
>recompile, although it is good practice to at least recompile the modules
>when the kernel is recompiled.

In my opinion the best way to handle things like this is to add a
modules target to the kernel Makefile which would call
src/sys/modules/Makefile and allow users who would perhaps never venture
into src/sys except when heading straight for src/sys/i386/conf to
easily update their modules.  It makes little sense to have modules
under src/sys and in the src-sys collection if the only time they are
routinely rebuilt is through a complete make world.  Isn't the idea of
having a seperate Makefile for src/sys so that *all* kernel level code
can be recompiled and/or updated without the user having to possess all
of src or knowledge of the world process?  I know I'm not the first
person to raise the issue, but I don't think I should be the last
either.  I think it's a sound architectual decision and 100% inline with
FreeBSD's commitment to accomodate users of all skill levels.
Brandon D. Valentine
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