I attend a lot of different Meetup groups in the San Francisco Bay Area /
Silicon Valley.

What I am seeing is the following usage pattern for new developers,
especially for web apps and cloud applications.

(1)   On their desktop/laptop, they will generally be using
       a Mac running OS X.  This is their desktop Unix environment.
       This seems to be true of almost 90% of the people that I meet.
       The 10% of people who run a PC laptop, will mostly be running
        Windows.  Very few seem to run Linux on their laptops, but
       if they do, it will likely be Ubuntu Linux.

(2)  For their deployed application, generally they will deploy to
      a Linux environment on a server.  These days, the server will
      very likely be in a cloud environment:  Amazon, Rackspace,

For (1), encouraging people to move away from a Mac to FreeBSD for their
desktop environment is a tough sell.  Apple is a multi-billion dollar
company, and they make beautiful hardware, and software with
a fantastic end-user experience.  The PC-BSD project is fighting the
good fight in terms of making a usable FreeBSD desktop, but its
a touch battle to fight.

For (2), encouraging people to move away from Linux to FreeBSD
on the server, may be something where we can get more wins.
I think we can do this by having more HOWTO articles on
the FreeBSD web page that explain the following:

    (1)  We need a HOWTO article that explains for each command using apt
or yum for installing packages,
          how can I do the same thing using "pkg".
          Even if we have a web page with a table, contrasting the
          apt/yum commands, and pkg commands, that would be super

          A lot of folks have moved away from FreeBSD, purely because
          they are sick of pkg_add.  We need to explain to folks that
          we have something better, that is quite competitive to
          apt/yum, and it is easy to use.

     (2)  We need a HOWTO article that explains how to set up
           a FreeBSD environment with some of the major cloud providers,
           i.e. Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Do we have such articles today, or is anybody working on something
like that?

I think if we had these two HOWTO articles today, and we could
aggressively point people at them, this would be a huge win
for expanding the number of people who try out FreeBSD
for modern server applications.

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