Allright, it seems that the kernel switched back to sysconsole. (kern.vty:

The wiki says that I should add this to the loader:
    To enable Newcons on i386 or amd64, set the loader tunable kern.vty=vt.

I guess that I should do:
    # echo kern.vty=\"vt\" >> /boot/loader.conf

2014-07-18 18:58 GMT+02:00 Ed Maste <>:

> On 18 July 2014 12:36, Daniel Peyrolon <> wrote:
> > I basically installed from a FreeBSD VT enabled ISO.
> Ok, it seems those are not available any longer.
> To confirm that you're actually using vt, check "sysctl kern.vty".  It
> will report either sc, vt, or an error.  If you get an error the
> kernel predates the addition of that entry, so check "sysctl
> hw.syscons" and "sysctl kern.vt".

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