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> On 23/07/2014 19:38, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> > I think one bullet was a bit mangled in French->English translation,
> > though. What does "The unicity of a package is not anymore origin" mean?
> I
> > have a couple of guesses, but I am not really sure. Ithink the best
> > translations would be "The unicity of a package is no longer the origin",
> > but I am unsure of "unicity". "Uniqueness"? That would make sense, but I
> am
> The unique key in the main 'packages' table in local.sqlite has been
> changed from just the package origin to a combination of the package
> origin and the package name.
> In essence, this means we can generate and handle several different
> packages from the same origin in the ports.  Or in other words:
> *sub-packages*.
> While "unicity" is a legitimate English word, and it actually does mean
> pretty much exactly what Bapt wanted to express here, it isn't the way a
> native speaker would describe the concept.  However I feel disinclined
> to criticize because I'd not have a hope of getting anywhere near the
> right way of saying that in French.
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>         Matthew
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No criticism intended. I just was not sure I understood the point. You (and
others) have cleared that up. Thanks!

After carefully re-reading the definition of "unicity" as "the quality of
the unique", I agree that ti is exactly the word Bapt wanted.
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