On 2014-07-24 12:43, Larry Rosenman wrote:
On 2014-07-24 12:38, Allan Jude wrote:
On 2014-07-24 13:33, Larry Rosenman wrote:
TRYING to use zfs send/recv between a 10-STABLE and an 11-CURRENT
system, and receive the non-descript
"invalid backup stream".

borg.lerctr.org /home/ler $ sudo bin/backup-TBH-ZFS-initial.sh
receiving full stream of zroot@2014-07-24 into zroot/backups/TBH@2014-07-24
received 41.7KB stream in 300 seconds (142B/sec)
receiving full stream of zroot/usr@2014-07-24 into
received 41.7KB stream in 1 seconds (41.7KB/sec)
receiving full stream of zroot/usr/local@2014-07-24 into
received 2.81GB stream in 1116 seconds (2.58MB/sec)
receiving full stream of zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24 into
cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
borg.lerctr.org /home/ler $ cat bin/backup-TBH-ZFS-initial.sh
DATE=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
#DATE2=`date -v "-1d" "+%Y-%m-%d"`
# snap the source
ssh r...@tbh.lerctr.org zfs snapshot -r zroot@${DATE}
# zfs copy the source to here.
ssh r...@tbh.lerctr.org "zfs send  -R -D  zroot@${DATE} | \
     ssh home.lerctr.org \"zfs recv -F -u -v -d zroot/backups/TBH\""
# make sure we NEVER allow the backup stuff to automount.
/sbin/zfs list -H -t filesystem -r zroot/backups/TBH| \
    awk '{printf "/sbin/zfs set canmount=noauto %s\n",$1}' | sh
borg.lerctr.org /home/ler $

This has been happening for YEARS and I can't seem to interest anyone in
fixing it.

How can we get to the bottom of this?

borg.lerctr.org /home/ler $ uname -a
FreeBSD borg.lerctr.org 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #56 r268982M:
Tue Jul 22 10:14:59 CDT 2014
r...@borg.lerctr.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/VT-LER  amd64
borg.lerctr.org /home/ler $ ssh tbh uname -a
FreeBSD thebighonker.lerctr.org 10.0-STABLE FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE #39
r269019M: Wed Jul 23 11:44:35 CDT 2014
r...@thebighonker.lerctr.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64
borg.lerctr.org /home/ler $

Try adding -v to the 'zfs send' and see if it gives you more detail.

Can you also try this script for the replication:

I've done that in the past and nothing, but I will try again.

I will also look at zxfer.... :)

with the -v, no more info, just what looks like normal messages....

13:23:55   3.68G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:23:56   3.68G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:23:57   3.68G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:23:58   3.68G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:23:59   3.68G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:00   3.69G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:01   3.69G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:02   3.69G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:03   3.69G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:04   3.69G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:05   3.70G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:06   3.70G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:07   3.70G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:08   3.70G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:09   3.70G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:10   3.71G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
13:24:11   3.71G   zroot/usr/src@2014-07-24
cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
borg.lerctr.org /home/ler/bin $
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