On 2014-07-24 13:46, Larry Rosenman wrote:

I notice you are doing a deduplicated stream. Does it work without
deduplication (zfs send -D)?
I will try that after this zxfer test I'm running finishes, but IIRC
it doesn't matter..

borg.lerctr.org /home/ler # zxfer -dFkPvs -g 376 -O r...@tbh.lerctr.org -R zroot zroot/backups/TBH
Creating recursive snapshot zroot@zxfer_26699_20140724135840.
Checking grandfather status of all snapshots marked for deletion...
Grandfather check passed.
Sending zroot@zxfer_26699_20140724135840 to zroot/backups/TBH/zroot.
Sending zroot/ROOT@zxfer_26699_20140724135840 to zroot/backups/TBH/zroot/ROOT. Sending zroot/ROOT/default@zxfer_23699_20140724134435 to zroot/backups/TBH/zroot/ROOT/default. Sending zroot/ROOT/default@zxfer_26699_20140724135840 to zroot/backups/TBH/zroot/ROOT/default.
  (incremental to zroot/ROOT/default@zxfer_23699_20140724134435.)
Sending zroot/home@zxfer_26699_20140724135840 to zroot/backups/TBH/zroot/home.
Write failed: Cannot allocate memory
cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
Error when zfs send/receiving.
borg.lerctr.org /home/ler #

well that's different.......

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